SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Enhancement in the efficiency of rear emitter SHJ solar cells by using a CaF2/ITO double-layer anti-reflective coating. 
Muhammad Aleem Zahid, Muhammad Quddamah Khokhar, Youngkuk Kim, Junsin Yi
sungkyunkwan university, suwon, Korea

A method to minimize optical losses in front side of rear emitter silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cells by applying double-layer antireflection coating (DLARC) has been examined. The primary aim is to increase the short circuit current density (Jsc) using DLARC that is associated with the cell’s absorbance. The optical and electrical properties of single-layer antireflection coating (SLARC) were studied and compared with CaF2/ITO DLARC. OPAL 2 was utilized as a simulation tool to increase the optical properties of CaF2/ITO DLARC and the experimental result verifies its validity. ITO was deposited using a sputtering system while a thermal evaporator was utilized to deposit CaF2 to make DLARC. The SHJ solar cell having DLARC demonstrated an average reflection of 6.55% which was 31.7% less than SLARC that was 9.59% for the wavelength range of 300 to 1100 nm. The fabricated textured solar cell with CaF2/ITO DLARC showed enhancement in external quantum efficiency from 76.89% to 81.06%. It also indicated an improvement in Jsc from 39.91 mA/cm2 to 40.83 mA/cm2 and enhancement of cell efficiency from 20.45% to 21.05%.