SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
A Brief Review on Thermochromic Halide Perovskites for Solar Cells  
Badreyya AlShehhi, Omar Albadwawi, Ahmer A.B. Baloch, Vivian Alberts
Research and Development Center, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thermochromic solar cells are devices that allow color tunability and reduce thermal load, while at the same time generates energy as solar cells. These materials undergo crystallographic phase transformation under external stimuli such as temperature, relative humidity and radiation; to regulate their light transmission and solar energy utilization capability. Thermochromic materials operate in a smart way since they automatically adapt to the external environment to provide desired functions. To consolidate the recent progress in this evolving research field, this brief review provides an insight into the state of the art thermochromic halide perovskites as an ink, film, and device-related to a responsive smart switchable windows application.