SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Performance Investigation and Analysis of Anti-Soiling Coatings in Hot Desert Climate
Hebatalla Alhamadani, Shaikha Hassan, Gerhard Mathiak, Omar Albadwawi, Vivian Alberts
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This paper investigates and analyzes the performance of commercial photocatalytic hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings in hot desert climate, under different light conditions. To characterize the coatings with different techniques, we investigate glass coupons coated with hydrophobic layer and solar modules coated with hydrophilic layer. Measurements include glass transmittance, water contact angle (WCA), quantum efficiency analysis for non-destructive detection along with electrical and spectral analysis. The findings reveal that after one month of outdoor exposure, and before cleaning the samples, the transmittance of uncleaned coated coupons reduced by 12.5%, in comparison to the uncoated coupons (17.57%). This result confirms the anti-soiling effect of the coating. After cleaning, the transmittance of the coated glass coupons under light exposure was slightly higher than coated coupons placed under shade, as well as higher in comparison to the uncoated coupons. This phenomenon could be caused by the degradation of the coating layer by light and high temperature. Additionally, the performance of hydrophobic coupons in light and shade conditions was found to be higher than the uncoated coupons by 0.32% and 0.82% respectively. It is also observed that the wetting angle reduces with light exposure. In addition, the external quantum efficiency peak of the uncoated solar module was found to be higher than the coated module by approximately 1%,across all cell positions. The I-V curves show higher power loss over exposure time for coated module due to light soaking. This work provides an insight into the actual performance of commercial anti-soiling coatings in hot desert conditions and can aid the solar industry in developing more comprehensive measurements for evaluation of anti-soiling coatings, improving the durability of these coatings, and developing coatings tailored to specific site-conditions.