SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Benchmarking PV Performance Models with High Quality IEC 61853 Matrix Measurements (Bilinear interpolation& SAPM& PVGIS& MLFM and 1-Diode)
Steven J Ransome
SRCL, Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom

High quality indoor IEC 61853 Matrix measurements for 9 c-Si and HIT modules have been used to benchmark fits by several PV performance models including the Bilinear interpolation, SAPM, PVGIS (6-parameter), de Soto 1-diode and Mechanistic Loss Factors Model (MLFM). Residuals have been analysed to show limitations from each of the models and improvements that could be made fitting p_mp, i_sc, i_mp, v_mp and v_oc. Residuals from smoothed models also help quantify indoor matrix measurement scatter (e.g. ‘±0.5% rmse’) or if there are measurement inaccuracies. Added random scatter errors were also fitted by the models to analyse their robustness. Recommendations will be made on optimizing matrix data fitting, coefficient extraction e.g. LIC/STC or gamma (= -1/p_mp * dp_mp / dtemp_module) and degradation analysis (for subsequent measurements after tests).