SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Dynamic Simulation of a Load-Matching Photovoltaic System for Green Hydrogen Production
Christian R Polo, William J Parquette, Kelvin Tan, Meng Tao
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States

This paper presents the electrolytic application of a load-matching PV system to produce green hydrogen. The system has proven its viability with purely resistive loads, and a static analysis has shown the performance potential of the system for electrolytic applications. This paper focuses on dynamic simulation of the load-matching PV system for green hydrogen production in SIMULINK. It is shown that an over 99% energy transfer efficiency from the PV array’s available energy to the electrolytic loads can be achieved under dynamic conditions for the system. The design parameters to optimize include the number of hydrogen cells per stack, the stack resistance, and the number of available stacks in the system. This system provides a simple but efficient approach for large-scale photovoltaic hydrogen production.