SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Quantifying Energy flows in PV Circularity Processes
Heather Mirletz1,2, Silvana Ovaitt1, Ashley Gaulding1, Seetharaman Sridhar2, Teresa Barnes1
1National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO, United States
/2Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, United States

As sustainability and end-of-life management become a hot topic to timely address in the PV community, a proper evaluation of the benefits of circular pathways such as recycling, reuse, and remanufacturing has not been performed holistically beyond material flows or LCA analysis. Energy flows are critical for evaluating energy generation technologies. Previously they have been used to compare renewables to fossil generation and then between PV technologies. This paper brings energy flows to bear on reaching circular pathways for PV. The energy flows to track energy usage, generation, and losses complementary to the mass flows are presented for silicon through the leverage of the PV ICE framework.