SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Effect of near-interface compensation of CdSeTe absorber layers on solar cell performance
Brian Good1,2, Eric Colegrove1, Matthew O. Reese1
1NREL, Golden, CO, United States
/2University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, United States

Arsenic has been shown to be an effective p-type dopant of CdTe. However, challenges remain in the fabrication of high efficiency CdTe solar cells using arsenic. As-doped CdTe is prone to self-compensation, and observed accumulation of dopant atoms in CdTe near the interface with MgZnO (MZO) suggests that this could be occurring. In this study, we use SCAPS 1-D modeling software to investigate the effect of near-interface compensation. We consider three cases: shallow donors, deep recombination centers, and a thin layer of excess positive charge accumulation.  All three cases are shown to have significant effects on the current-voltage characteristics, while the thin charge layer also affects capacitance-voltage measurements.