SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Highly Stretchable, Durable and Lightweight Lego®-style 3-Dimensional Photovoltaic
Min Ju Yun1, Yeon Hyang Sim1,2, Dong Yoon Lee1, Seung I. Cha1,2
1Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Changwon, Korea
/2University of Science and Technology, Changwon, Korea

Solar PV can cover applications that consume high power to applications that consume low power. And with diversification of applications under urban environment, it is changing the point of view of one-size-one-fits based on watt-per-cost concepts to customization-fits with energy-yield-per-watt. With this view point, to integrated PV to application like BIPV, VIPV and device-integrated PV a flexible and foldable solar cell has been on the rise as one way for a system. Accord with flexible solar cell, additional functions of light weight, stretchability and low cost are attracting attention, and durability as well. For these demands, we have proposed Lego®-style assembly module that shows high photovoltaic performance according to modulization without any degradation with average 20% energy conversion efficiency. And it has great durability under compression stress of 5000N, and maintain the photovoltaic performance under high temperature and humidity environment for 500 hours. In addition, application to BIPV, VIPV or device-integrated PV requires installation on arbitrary surface, deformation on 3-D structure, having freedom of design and aesthetic effect, Lego®-style assembly module is suitable on these demands.