SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
PV Module Operating Temperature Model Equivalence and Parameter Translation
Anton Driesse1, Marios Theristis2, Joshua S. Stein2
1PV Performance Labs, Freiburg, Germany
/2Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, United States

PV module operating temperature is the second most important factor influencing system yield, after irradiance. A variety of temperature models are used within yield simulation software to predict module operating temperature, which then determines operating efficiency.

Four temperature models are frequently used: PVsyst, Faiman, SAPM and SAM NOCT. Although these models are similar, their parameter values are not directly interchangeable. In this work we demonstrate the equivalence or near-equivalence of these four thermal models, and from there we develop equations to convert their parameter values back and forth. This is more than a convenience for users of simulation software. We use this capability, for example, to compare and analyze the typical and default values preset for different model/software combinations.

The functions to perform the parameter conversions are made available as open-source software in pvlib-python.