Assemble 2D organic semiconducting materials using exotic molecules in open atmosphere with automated spray growth on solar cells devices
Camilo Chinchilla1, Miguel Rivera2, Mikel Hurtado1
1Central University, Bogota, Columbia
/2Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Columbia

This article presents the implementation of an automatic spray equipment in open atmosphere referred to as Spray Technique Equipment Multilayers or STEM for the creation of multilayer materials with 2D organic semiconducting materials, suitable to manufacturing Grätzel solar cells devices and the sensitizing semiconducting materials; STEM uses  causes different changes in physical and chemical thin film technology (TFT) properties mainly in morphology, mechanical, compositional, magnetic and optical ones, improving at the same time nanoparticle adhesion phenomena. Through the STEM was developed to apply optimized coating technique when performing production TFT processes. Due to the development of this device were obtained significant results in the fabrication of solar cells using graphene-like material, TiO2,  exotic molecules for sensitizing semiconducting materials (Bixi orellana, Beta vulgaris, Vaccinium meridionale) on substrate slides glass with accuracy thickness in the order of nm. Above materials were used to performed photovoltaic Grätzel cell devices and was found a growth for 2D organic semiconductors between 75 nm and 438 nm, also maximum electrical potential between 120 mV and 620 mV, in a 10.0 cm2 on standard illumination conditions, these results depend on fabrication process and molecule used on.